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Watch out for Scale Build-up!

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Scale Build-Up

Scale is a buildup of minerals inside of your hot water lines, mostly calcium and magnesium, which looks like white particles or pieces of paper in your water lines. Scale builds up in your hoses and pipes from soaps, hard water, rust, etc.

Checking for Scale

  • One easy way to check for scale build up is by looking at your quick connects. If you see white buildup inside of them, then it's about time for a descaling.
  • Another way to check for scale is to grab a wrench and take one of your hose lines off. Again, if you see white build inside the lines, then you should descale your unit.

Effects of Scale

Scale build-up has a number of different side effects on your equipment and unit.

  • Loss of heat - Scale build-up causes loss because it coats the walls of your heat exchangers and lines. This puts a barrier between your water and the exchangers that produce the heat. The indirect contact of the water can/will cause a major loss in heat production.
  • Pressure Issues - Scale build-up has an affect on your units pressure because it will have a harder time maintaining a constant pressure. The scale will cause your pressure to build-up very high and then drop down very low. The pressure issues will also take a toll on all of the lines and fittings that the water passes through. Ideally, you don't want your water pressure consistently dropping and then increasing rapidly, it will damage the internal components of your unit.
  • Clogged Tools - Have you noticed that you're constantly cleaning your tools jets because they are mysteriously getting clogged all of the time? This is a good sign that you probably need a descaling. Scale build-up is a hard white substance that sticks to the inside of your water lines. Sometimes, the flowing water will break pieces of the scale off and shoot them down the water lines. They're usually too big to just pass through the jets in your tool so they will get stuck and clog the jets. 

Are you due for a Descaling?

If you think you're due for a descaling, then contact us. We can run you through the easy 30 minute process, or we can do it for you! We have a product here that will clear your lines easily and quickly. Email us or give us a call and we can help you out.



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