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Veterinary Solutions

Veterinary Solutions

Ozone Cart

Our odor neutralizers provide effective odor control and air purification for a variety of industrial and commercial applications. These units generate ozone from atmospheric oxygen to eliminate odors – rather than "perfume" or mask them – and to retard bacterial growth.

Maximum odor control — minimum upkeep.

Flexibility in usage and performance.

Our Sonozaire unit generates ozone using only small amounts of electricity. Ozone is an extremely powerful oxidizing agent that breaks down the structure of odor molecules. Sonozaire is designed for use in uninhabited locations, but the unit may be used in inhabited areas when controls are implemented to limit the ozone level to OSHA or EPA limits. All models, except the 5G, allow users to adjust the ozone output according to the level of odor and the desired duration of treatment. 

Sonozaire units are built of heavy-duty aluminum construction. They have proven effective for treating odors in factories and plants; disaster areas; garbage compactors and rooms; offices; dry cleaning facilities; food storage areas; apartments and homes; and planes, automobiles and boats.

The newly released model 5G is designed with a double-insulator, corona discharge ozone cell. With no exposed metal parts, it requires minimal maintenance. The 5G is a perfect model for restoration companies, hotel/motel owners, and auto detailers because of its high ozone output and compact size. This lightweight model has a high cfm fan and is designed to destroy and quickly eradicate on-site odor problems. The unit operates by simple adjustment of a 12-hour timer

We put the Ozone machines on a cart with an automatic sensor, surge protector and small fan to properly disperse the ozone throughout the affected areas.




Kennel/Daycare Areas

In Daycare and Kennel Areas, we install an airless foam gun. The foam gun helps to deep clean areas better than traditional cleaning. The foamer will atomically mix cleaner and water, while spraying, to make a thick foam that sticks to surfaces to speed up the deep clean process, rather than spending time spraying chemical on, scrubbing and then rinsing. This station aids in saving money on chemical and providing a cleaner area for the animals. Automatically mixing the chemical eliminates the possibility of an employee overmixing cleaning products, saving money and the possibility of harming an animal.
The A-50 Airless Foamer is a medium volume foam applicator for projecting foaming chemicals on to any surface up close or at distances up to 8 feet without compressed air. This venturi injection system uses standard city water pressure (35 - 125 PSI) to draw and blend chemical concentrate into the water stream to create an accurately diluted solution. The solution then flows through the discharge hose to the airless foam wand which draws in atmospheric air to create and project wet, clinging foam.


Key Features
  • No compressed air required
  • Designed for foam cleaning medium to large sized areas
  • Projects wet, clinging foam which increases chemical contact time and effectiveness
  • Foaming expands the chemical and reduces over-application by providing visual assurance of coverage
  • Projects foam up to 8' (depending on water pressure)
  • Chemical resistant components ensure years of outstanding performance with minimal maintenance
  • Industrial-strength design holds up in tough environments
  • Use it where 35-125 PSI water is available




Professional Pet Grooming Equipment



When the American Pet Products Association, of APPA, first released their National Pet Owners Survey in 1988, it showed that 56 percent of households in the United States owned at least one pet. According to their most recent poll, 68 percent of the households in the United States now have at least one pet. Of those approximately 84.6 million households, 60.2 million of them have a dog, and 47.1 million have a cat.

As the number of households with pets in the United States has increased significantly in recent decades, so has the amount of money that Americans spend on their pets every year. In fact, the amount that American pet owners spent nearly quadrupled between 1996 and 2016, increasing from $17 billion to $66.75 billion. In 2017, the American Pet Products Association predicts that Americans’ total annual expenditure on their pets will increase even more, up to an estimated $69.36 billion.

Pet owners’ willingness to spend more on their pets isn’t just great news for those lucky cats and dogs. It’s also great news for the professionals who provide pet services, including groomers. In 2016, pet owners in the United States spent $5.76 billion on pet services like grooming and boarding. The APPA expects that number to reach $6.11 billion by the end of 2017. This increase in spending on pet services will continue for years if the APPA’s estimate is accurate.

While the outlook for the pet care and services sector is bright, the kind of equipment you use will influence the success you have as a pet groomer. Many pet owners look at the quality of the equipment used by a pet grooming establishment as an indicator of their professionalism and their quality of work.

Professional-grade grooming equipment will also allow you to deliver your clients and their four-legged friends the best results possible.

Professional Pet Dryers


Whether you’ve only been a groomer for a little while or you have years of experience in the industry, you know that pet dryers are among the most useful tools in your trade. Commercial pet dryers are invaluable to most pet groomers, and professional pet dryers are also used in several other kinds of pet-related businesses.

Here are some of the other professionals and organizations that often use commercial dog dryers:

  • Dog show trainers
  • Breeders
  • Veterinary hospitals and clinics
  • Boarding facilities
  • Pet rescues and animal shelters

While a pet dryer is generally associated with drying pets after a bath, when used by a professional groomer, a high-velocity dog dryer can yield many more benefits. Dog grooming dryers can make the grooming process safer and more enjoyable for both you and the dogs. They can also be helpful when it comes to de-shedding animals like Siberian Huskies, Labrador Retrievers or mixed breeds that are prone to heavy shedding. A high-velocity dog grooming dryer can improve the appearance of a dog’s coat, too.

As far as many groomers are concerned, one of the biggest benefits that professional dog dryers provide is greater efficiency. As with many service-oriented businesses, more time typically means more money in the grooming industry. Since drying a pet often consumes a significant amount of time, equipment that reduces this time can help you work more efficiently. High-velocity dryers made for dog grooming are just what you need to make the most of the time you spend at work.

Things to Consider When Buying a Professional Dog Dryer

Before you start looking for dog grooming dryers for sale, it is critical that you know what kinds are available for groomers and the purpose of each.



Many pet dryers for sale do not stand up to industry safety requirements, which are especially important for equipment that will get a lot of regular use. Some types of dryers can be harmful to pets if not closely monitored, such as cage dryers or heated drying equipment.

Pets’ skin is sensitive, more sensitive than that of humans, and can be easily burned by heated drying equipment. Pets are also unable to effectively communicate any discomfort, which makes using heated equipment risky. For this reason, heated grooming dryers or other heated dryers, like human hair dryers, are not the safest option for professional pet drying applications.

High-velocity pet dryers, sometimes also called forced air dryers, tend to be a safer and more effective option. These dryers do not use heat, but rather high-velocity airflow to dry the animal’s fur.

No matter what kind of dryer you decide to buy, it’s vital that you check its safety certifications before you use it with any animals. As a general rule, you should look for professional pet dryers that are ETL and CE approved. Dryers with these designations meet or exceed strict safety standards.

Power and Airflow

In addition to a dryer’s safety rating, you’ll also want to consider how powerful and durable it is before you make a purchase. A forced air dryer’s power is measured in cubic feet per minute, or CFM, which measures the number of cubic feet of air the dryer releases every minute it’s in use.

You will also want to find quiet dog hair dryers, lower noise can help keep the animal you are working with calm and make communications at your business easier. Look for dryers that have a high-quality casing that will help to keep noise to a minimum when you are using them as part of your grooming business.



Investing in high-quality, professional grade equipment may carry more cost upfront, but it will last longer than alternatives that may not be up for the regular use that you and your business require. Lower quality equipment will need to be replaced more frequently and will not likely be as effective as high-quality dog dryers for professional use.

How to Use a Dog Dryer

When it comes to drying or de-shedding a dog, it is smart to use a high-velocity dog grooming dryer to save time. Before you use one of these dryers to dry or de-shed a dog, you should make sure that they are comfortable with the equipment, especially if they have never been professionally groomed before.


As you add and remove attachments to your dryer, let the dog you are working on watch and smell the pieces. Talk to them a reassuring tone and let them know that everything is okay. Once the dog realizes the dryer doesn’t pose a threat to their well-being, step back and use the dryer on yourself by running the hose up and down your legs and arms. This will show the dog that you’re comfortable with the equipment. Then, approach the dog and start using your high-velocity pet dryer to blow around the dog’s feet.

Keep a close eye on how the dog reacts to the dryer. If they are nervous or agitated, take a step back and wait for them to regain composure. Then, reintroduce the dryer and reassure them with a calm, confident voice. Hearing your voice and feeling the air from the dryer should help the dog relax and remain calm as you continue with the grooming process.

Whenever you use a forced air dryer on a dog, it is critical that you avoid blowing air into their mouth, nose, ears and eyes. Here are some additional tips for using a high-velocity pet dryer to dry a dog’s coat:

  • A forced air dryer blasts water from a dog’s undercoat into the air. This means you’re going to get wet when you use a high-velocity dog dryer — so be sure you’re dressed appropriately.
  • Start at the dog’s rear legs, then move the hose up to the posterior and tail.
  • Massage the dog’s skin and run your fingers through the undercoat to free water.
  • Use your dryer to blow against the grain of the hair from back to front.
  • Use short motions, and make adjustments if you notice that the water’s being released in an undesired pattern.
  • Be sure you blow from the skin out to prevent water from being blown back onto the dog’s skin.
  • Always ensure the dryer’s hose is pressed against the dog’s skin as you’re drying.
  • Finish drying the dog by drying the back of their head with your dryer and using a clean, soft towel to wipe their face dry.

As we mentioned earlier, using a forced air dryer can help you de-shed dogs efficiently, saving you valuable time. Here are some de-shedding tips you can use in your grooming practice:

  • Apply a de-shedding conditioner after you wash the dog you’re working on with pet shampoo. Be sure you rinse out the conditioner before you start using your high-velocity pet dryer.
  • Continue to use your forced air dryer until the dog is completely dry, paying special attention to the dog’s undercoat.
  • When the dog’s coat is dry, you can start using short, back-and-forth motions close to their skin to de-shed, beginning at the rear and working up towards their head.
  • After you have used the dryer to de-shed the dog’s body, brush them thoroughly to remove any remaining loose hair.

Why Grooming Professionals Should Choose B-Air©

For more than 20 years, B-Air© has been making the world’s most reliable pet grooming dryers for commercial use. Our durable products are designed to deliver superior results at affordable prices.

With every piece of equipment we create, we focus on safety, quality, and durability. It is this sustained focus that makes our professional pet dryers the best choice for many businesses and independent pet groomers.

As far as safety is concerned, we ensure that each of our dog dryers meets or exceeds safety certification requirements. This emphasis on safety helps keep you and the dogs you work with safe whenever you use one of our pet dryers. Our professional pet dryers are certified ETL and CE approved, which can increase your clients’ confidence in trusting you to care for their pets.

Our high-quality pet dryers are made to stand up to the elements that are typically present in many dog grooming environments. Commercial dog dryers are meant for regular use day in and day out and can stand up to the demands of your grooming business. We select durable materials, including housings and motors, to ensure that our dryers are built to last.

B-Air© Pet Dryer Models

We know that needs vary between grooming salons, mobile groomers, and other pet drying applications, which is why we’ve developed a comprehensive lineup of high-quality, durable dog grooming dryers. Here are some of our most popular high-velocity dog grooming dryers:

    • B-Air© Bear Power BPD-1: Weighing just 7.8 pounds, the B-Air© Bear Power BPD-1 is lightweight and powerful. This model is equipped with a two-speed motor that’s insulated to make it a quiet dog hair dryer. This unit generates 165 CFM, which can significantly reduce the length of time it takes you to dry a dog. It can also warm the air by as much as 20 degrees Fahrenheit even though it doesn’t have a built-in heating element.The B-Air© BPD-1 is made with durable ABS plastic that can withstand high impacts. The unit has rubberized feet, which help keep the dryer stable when it’s in use. It is also equipped with removable, washable filters which make it easy for you to maintain your commercial dog dryer.The B-Air© BPD-1 comes with four nozzles, making it an ideal machine to use on a wide array of animals. The slot nozzle is the right choice when you’re working on pets with long coats, while the cone nozzle will be your first choice for working on dogs with thick coats. The brush nozzle will make de-shedding a breeze and the airflow nozzle is the perfect tool for working with small dogs and cats and drying sensitive areas.


    • B-Air© Bear Power BPD-2: Weighing in at just over 14 pounds, the B-Air© Bear Power BPD-2 provides a lot of drying power and can save you valuable time. This unit has a step-less speed control switch and several temperature settings. Made with high impact plastic, the B-Air© BPD-2 is made to last in even the most challenging grooming environments.TheB-Air© BPD-2 has rubberized feet to keep it stable and a carrying handle that makes it easy to move from one location to another. The unit’s 4-horsepower dual motor combination is insulated to keep the professional dog dryer quiet while it’s in use. This versatile dryer has a 10-foot cord and a hose that’s the same length. It also comes with three nozzles.The B-Air© BPD-2 has washable, replaceable filters, which makes it quick and easy for you to maintain your pet dryer. It also comes with a one-year limited warranty.


    • B-Air© Bear Pro Series BPS-II: The B-Air© Bear Pro Series BPS-II is a high-velocity dryer for dog grooming that has the potential to cut your drying time in half. This capable dryer produces an airflow that is more than sufficient to get the job done when you’re drying or de-shedding a pet.This commercial pet dryer was designed to exceed the performance of all other high-velocity dog dryers on the market. It was also created to be one of the quietest dryers currently available for sale. We incorporated noise-dampening technology in this dryer’s design and as a result, this unit’s noise level is only 66 decibels. This makes it both the quietest and the most powerful 8-horsepower high-velocity dog grooming dryer on the market today.The B-Air© Bear Pro Series BPS-II weighs just 14 pounds. The unit has a 12-foot hose, which gives you added flexibility when you’re working with an animal. This dryer also has a variable switch, which lets you control the amount of air that flows through the hose. It comes with two rubber nozzles, making it the perfect dryer for de-shedding and drying dogs. The B-Air© Bear Pro Series BPS-II also has a rear-facing filter designed to protect the dryer’s powerful dual motors from pet hair, dirt and other debris.









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